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One cannot follow the message of Fatima unless he/she wears the Brown Scapular.

- Sister Lucia - Visit: FATIMA.ORG for more information

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The Brown Scapular and the Fatima Message


On August 15, 1950, Father Howard Rafferty spoke with Sister Lucy regarding the Fatima message and it's connection with the Brown Scapular:

Sister Lucy:
"Everyone seems to think that there are only four conditions of the Fatima Message ...there is one more condition - the wearing of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel."

Father Rafferty:
"You mean that if one did all four things, but did not wear the Scapular [of Mount Carmel], he/she would not fulfill what Our Lady asked for at Fatima?"

Sister Lucy:
"He could not fulfill what the Blessed Mother asked for at Fatima if he refused to wear the Brown Scapular!"

Father Rafferty:
"Do you mean to say that the wearing of the Brown Scapular is not just something Our Lady would like us to do, but that it is essential to the Message?"

Sister Lucy:
"Exactly! One could not follow the Message of Fatima unless he/she fulfilled the five conditions, one of which is the wearing of the Brown Scapular all the time -- day and night."

The four main advantages to be derived from the wearing of the Brown Scapular:


It is a safeguard and pledge of special protection in dangers of soul and body (which has been proved by many miracles).


It is a sign of salvation, which means that a person wearing this scapular at the moment of death would be saved and would not go to hell. Thus for the just man on his death bed, Our Lady would would obtain the grace of final perseverance; for a sinner, she would obtain the grace of conversion and the restoration of the state of grace, either by providing a priest to hear his confession, or by obtaining the grace to make an act of perfect contrition.


We can be confident of a quick release from Purgatory.


We acquire the right to a participation in all the good works, penances and merits of the members of the Carmelite Order.

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